Some selected accolades.


Sang An is a Korean born photographer who specializes in food, interior, and still-life photography.  He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1996, with a BFA in Advertising Photography.  After graduation, he knew he had to do one thing before he went back to Philadelphia, where his parents had offered to open a little camera shop for him (typical Korean family... lol...) and that was to see if he could make it in New York City.  Two years of assisting both photographers and stylists, he went out on his own, as a stylist, not a photographer!  But after a short meeting and recommendations from a stylist whom he assisted (thanks Lynn), he decided to venture into the world of photography.  He dropped off his portfolio, in a vintage 1950's metal lunch box (which, after much begging with the vendor, he got for $20 at a flea market on 25th St), to Hearst Publications with 12 photos inside.  Within an hour he got a phone call.  From there, the rest is history!  ;)